Old Man's War (2)

    ISBN: 0765348276
    Tor Science Fiction (2007), Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
    I've been in a rut recently where I haven't really been enjoying the books I've been reading. The number of books I read has also dropped off a lot since I moved back to Australia. Some of the drop off is associated with living in a house instead of an apartment -- there is constant maintenance work to be done, and I might never finish painting this place. However, I was worried that perhaps I simply wasn't as into reading as I was a couple of years ago. So, I decided to go back and read a book I enjoyed before, and see if I still liked it. This was that book.

    The answer is hells yes. This book is still fantastic, and I really enjoyed it. I also knocked it over in a time similar to when I was in the US. So, its not me that's broken -- its the books I'm reading. I need to find more books to be enthused about, instead of letting reading be a chore.

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