Blathering for Thursday, 15 October 2009

    02:50: Mikal shared: Mono is a trap evidence
      These slides are interesting. I worked for a Microsoft ISV back in the day, and the would consistently pressure us to do things that clearly weren't in our best interests (and that they weren't doing to their products either). An example is porting our millions of lines of code to .NET, at the same time that they weren't doing that to their own code.

      I wonder how Microsoft can get away with using language like this in a world in which they are under antitrust scrutiny? I would have though words like "war" and "kill" would be antitrust triggers.

    02:54: Mikal shared: Core Values: The silicon behind Android
      An interesting summary of the current state of play with Android SoC chips. I dispute the statement that Android's feel sluggish, but that's clearly subjective. Otherwise a good article.

    04:06: Mikal shared: Google Unwraps Androids Giant Eclair
      Name a desert beginning with F that you'd like to see in giant form...

    05:17: Mikal shared: The Geography of Jobs - TIP Strategies
      Interesting employment growth visualization for the last five years in the US. Can you spot Hurricane Katrina?

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