Blathering for Wednesday, 03 December 2008

    09:33: Mikal shared: Exploding Offer Season
      I hadn't heard of an exploding offer until I moved to the US. The other thing I would suggest doing if you're subject to one is to make sure that the recruiters at the other companies know that you've been made an exploding offer. They shouldn't view it as a threat (these things are quite common) and ill quite often rearrange your interviews so that they can make you an offer before your other one explodes. Microsoft seems to be the big user of these exploding offers as best as I can tell.

    09:33: Mikal shared: Swiss precision
      It sounds like moving to Switzerland is about as much of a pain as it was moving to the US. Perhaps its painful to move to any country?

    09:33: Mikal shared: Register of penalty notices | NSW Food Authority
      Scary. A list of restaurants in New South Wales which have been served with a penalty notice for violating food safety standards. I should remember to check this next time I eat out...

    09:33: Mikal shared: Apple's completely unsurprising Black Friday deals appear on Australian site
      Why is Apple running Thanksgiving sales in Australia? Will they be running a Queens Birthday sale in the US soon?

    09:33: Mikal shared: Notes on Hacking the Roku Netflix Player
      This fellow has made some interesting progress on hacking the Roku Netflix player. I wonder if Roku have considered allowing a streaming frontend that either does uPNP or MythTV directly?

    09:33: Mikal shared: InstallMythBuntu - atv-bootloader - Google Code
      An alternative to Roku's box as a MythTV frontend is the AppleTV, which does currently work. This page is the install instructions for MythBuntu on an AppleTV. Pity its twice the price of the Roku box.

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