Blathering for Wednesday, 17 September 2008

    12:00: Mikal shared: DNS Prefetching (or Pre-Resolving)
      Its a little interesting that Chrome does DNS prefetching. What I find really interesting is that it provides reporting to the user about how much time it has saved. Now that is cool.

    15:00: Mikal shared: Reserve flags end of credit country - Local News - News - General - The Canberra Times
      Its news to me that Australian bank deposits are only insured up to $20,000. I always thought that all of your deposits were insured. Interesting.

    15:15: Mikal shared: Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision: Self-Assessment for Australia
      Hmmm. Now I am confused. According to this document, we don't have any deposit insurance at all...

      "It should be noted that Australia does not have any form of deposit insurance scheme to protect
      depositors in a failed institution. Though the absence of such a scheme is unusual by world standards,
      this must also be read against the background of the Australian system in which no depositor has, since
      the passing of the Banking Act in 1945, ever lost funds held in an authorised bank."

    15:15: Mikal shared: Customers could recover $20,000 if Australian bank collapses | Business |
      Oh, I think I understand now. There is currently no deposit insurance, but the Reserve Bank of Australia is currently recommending that depositors get $20,000 of insurance. That seems like a very low number given that US depositors get $100,000 USD per bank.

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