Blathering for Thursday, 21 August 2008

    17:00: Mikal shared: TSA Employee Grounds 9 American Airlines Planes By Attempting To Break Into Them [Tsa]
      I love the level of incompetence this shows. The TSA can protect us all by damaging planes on the tarmac. Hurrah!

    17:00: Mikal shared: Microsoft's data centers growing by the truckload
      An article about Microsoft's containerized datacenters. Basically they fill containers with machines, plug them in, and then run away as fast as they can. When X% of the machines in the container have failed, they unplug the entire container and send it off for remanufacture. What I want to know is -- do the failed machines continue to draw power? That sounds like a bit of an environmental problem to me...

    17:00: Mikal shared: TSA Follies
      Schneier on the awesomeness of breaking planes while trying to see if they're secure, and how the TSA is considering pressing charges against the airline!

    22:00: Mikal shared: If asked, would you know how many houses you own?
      I remember when an Australian politician (I don't remember who) was asked how much a loaf of bread was, and couldn't answer. I love the idea that McCain doesn't even remember how many houses he owns. I guess that's what happens when you're running for office and already overwhelmed with other details.

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