Blathering for Tuesday, 05 August 2008

    10:15: Mikal shared: Commuter Cars
      I saw a Tango parked in the carpark at work this morning. I've always been tempted by electric cars, and so I dug a little further. I would be a lot more interested in these things if it wasn't $100,000 USD.

    10:30: Mikal shared: Global Electric Motorcars : Price Your Own
      On the other hand, the GEM cars seem to have come down in price heaps. I remember looking a year ago and these being more like $20,000 USD each. They seem to be only around $7,000 USD now. I wonder if I can import one into Australia?

    19:30: Mikal shared: Telstar Logistics: Flight Report: Airborne in an Emirates A380 at SFO
      This blog was invited to a tour of the Emirates A380 fitout. Features for first class include a private little room thingie, and a shower. Yes, a shower. Apparently economy isn't too bad, if you don't mind people stink.

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