Blathering for Tuesday, 06 May 2008

    12:57: I am RICH and I want to spend it on YOU tonight
    12:57: "I am so rich. Goodness, gracious. My, my, my. I am so, very, very wealthy. How many dollars do I have? That's a question only my team of ten fat accountants can answer, because they have golden calculators which I bought for them with my money. And what is on those golden calculators? Numbers. And those numbers equal the dollars in my bank accounts, which are huge... In my vehicles I have stored many bottles of rare, delicious wines. These wines are hundreds of years old and covered in dust and cobwebs, which means that they are the most delicious kind, and that they were grown from grapes which were so succulent and juicy that the poor grape-pickers of France wanted to eat them right then and there. But they were whipped, by my shift-leader vintner, who makes sure that the best grapes in my vineyard go only into the wine. That's right, my great grandfather, who was also rich, owned the vineyard where this wine was made. And it's really strong too, it can get you wasted quickly."
    12:57: (And so much more)
    14:37: Why is it that all ecommerce sites in Australia are terrible? Take for example Canberra Sand and Gravel. I want a quote on some sleepers, so off to There they have a list of the products they sell, but not the prices. So now I know what a sleeper looks like (in case I've never been in the outside world before I suppose), but still have no idea what they cost. Thanks guys.
    15:50: An automated rick roll detector. It adds a right click context menu item labelled "report as rickroll"!

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