Blathering for Wednesday, 23 April 2008

    07:10: Staying with my brother in Arlington, Virginia
    07:10: I've always wondered if comcast internet is any good
    07:11: The short answer... It sucks. ssh connections keep getting dropped, its sluggish, and feels really unreliable
    09:32: just put my order into fraud hold because they can't handle an Australian billing address
    09:32: Order cancelled
    09:32: Oh, and I had to spend 30 minutes on hold in order to cancel the order... Because there is no cancel order button on the website.
    13:04: We did a walking tour of DC memorials yesterday. We figure we did about 10 miles... Just enough for my left knee to stop working.
    13:05: So instead of walking today we drove to Gettysburg, PA
    14:50: The Gettysburg National Military Museum is really good

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